Weigh-In Day (September 2020)


YUP… Still Fat!

So I have been with Rodney for one month and I have been busting my ass at the gym, and have been eating completely healthy. Per his scale, I lost 0 pounds. By my naked morning weigh in at home, I lost 2lbs. Not a complete loss… but not definitely not a gain.

He did my measurements and I lost 1.5 inches over all. Some things went up, others went down. Guess what went down? My neck! It from wearing this damn neck gaiter. Hell, I don’t know. But it wasn’t in my thighs, arms, or hips. Actually, those got bigger.

I am broken again. I was excited to go to the gym and was looking forward to weigh-in day because I knew this was my month. I knew I was good and workouts were awesome… AND NOTHING. I came home feeling like “What is the point?”

What is the point?

Why spend 275.00 a month on a trainer and gym, when I am not seeing my money well spent?

I have 2 more payments. Two more months of gym time, and then I will reevaluate my life. AGAIN!

It’s not like I am was hoping for 10lbs because I know I didn’t lose that much. But I just don’t see any real difference. I don’t see a difference between me in May vs me in September other than my blood sugar has gone down and that is because of food, not exercise.