Weigh-in Day (August 2021)


This morning on weigh-in day, I used the word: Discouraged.

After looking for a banner for this post, I changed my word to: Disappointed.

There is a fine line that sits between these two words. Discouraged means something happened to make me not have courage to continue. Disappointment means that I was not satisfied with the outcome and it makes me sad. Yup… I am disappointed but not discouraged.

I am at a plateau in my health that is keeping me from getting to my minor goals. And I think we have to take a look at what those goals are in order to see how to achieve them. My ultimate goal is to reach 160lbs. It is still a bit overweight but a doable number to reach. My minor goal is 200lbs.

When I weighed 315lbs, my minor goal was 250lbs. Then it turned to 225lbs. It was the 225 mark that was the hardest and the longest. There was a lot of ups and downs. Definitely, there was discouragement. Once I broke down that wall, I have kept it off. Hence why I am at 215-220lbs tittering back and fourth. At one point, I did get down to 205lbs but that was short lived.

Today’s weigh-in put me at 216lbs. Not shabby when you think I was at 315lbs ten years ago but not where I want to be. I am not in a rush per se; it’s just that sometimes listening to others say they lost weight makes my not losing feel like a failure. I have to remember that my initial drop was fast. The road from 315lbs to 270lbs was super easy. The shock of not having soda and start eating veggies gave myself the quick loss that everyone feels when they make that 180 degree change. It’s very hard to do another 180 when you are already making good choices.

My cheat day/meal was yesterday with a small cheeseburger and half a small fry. While dinner was 920 calories, I was still under my 1800 calories for the day. Calorie intake for the week was an average of 1575 calories. I didn’t snack throughout the day. Wasn’t starving between any meals. I also was at the gym four days.

My first trainer last year told me that I can build as much muscle as I want but I will not lose weight without cardio. I hate cardio. It is boring, mindless, and a waste of my building muscle time. I do remember that muscle weighs more than fat, right?

Coming back to the gym, I am trying to push myself back up to where I left off. I want to get back to those old weight numbers and be able to press 20lbs instead of 7.5lbs. BUT… Ultimately, the annoying ass trainer man is right. If I want to take down the numbers, I need to cardio.

I read an article from the American College of Sports Medicine that you need a minimum of 150 minutes of cardio to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 150-250 minutes if you want to lose weight. Let’s say I go to far end of the spectrum. 250 minutes at five days at the gym is 50 minutes a day. That means my 60 minute workout has only 10 minutes of weight training. Dude. So not going to happen because weight training is my happy place. Doesn’t the American College of Sports Medicine know that I am only happy when lifting weights?

On the other hand, if my wife could hike everyday of her life, she would be in heaven. Me? Geez. How can I do this and that? I have a couple options.

  1. I can cardio in the mornings and weight lift at night. Divide my time. It is possible.
  2. I can cardio in the mornings and on the days I am off or we drive separately, I can get my weight training in too.
  3. I can buy some equipment for home so I can cardio in the mornings and workout in the evening at home. Which I have never done and don’t know if I would push myself as hard at home.

I’m gonna have to think this through. I want to lose weight. I want to be strong. I want results. And I want a life that is sustainable.