Week 6 and A New App


It’s the end of week 6 and sadly, I feel that I really slacked off even though I didn’t. I had 4 days at the gym, not including the one I will have today in the afternoon with Michelle.

Sunday, Michelle came to the gym with us. My wife, Elisabeth, did her own thing while I trained Michelle on a full body workout to get her used to the machines and exercises. She’s been doing jazzercise but had not worked with weights. This is all new to her. After I trained Michelle, I began my own workout. Shoulder day. I didn’t do much in my mind. My workout was only 30 minutes.

  • 2x 10lbs x 10 – Shoulder Press Machine
  • 3x 10lbs x 10 – Front Raises (Dumbbell)
  • 3x 10lbs x 10 – Lateral Raises (Dumbbell)
  • 1x 30lbs x 12 / 2x 40lbs x 10 – Tricep Dip Machine
  • 70x – TRX Bicep Curl Crunches

Monday, I went to the gym alone. Leg day. Since I was alone, I was able to get a full hour of training in.

  • 45x – TRX Squats
  • 1x 30lbs x 10 / 2x 35lbs x10 – Leg Extensions
  • 1x 65lbs x 12 / 2x 70lbs x 10 – Seated Leg Curls
  • 3x 75lbs x 12 – Hip Abductors
  • 3x 75lbs x 12 – Hip Adductors
  • 1x 80lbs x 10 / 1x 90lbs x 10 / 1x 100lbs x 12 – Seated Calf Press
  • 4.84 (32 minutes) on Cycling

On Tuesday, I went with my wife. I think she did legs but I did chest and I hurt myself. Yup. I pulled something in my bad shoulder which would put me out and down for the count on Wednesday.

  • 3x 20lbs x 12 – Converging Chest Press
  • 3x 12.5lbs x 10 – Incline Chest Press (Dumbbell)
  • 3x 5lbs x 10 – Incline Chest Fly (Dumbbell) * This is where I killed my arm
  • 1x 25lbs x 10 / 2x 35lbs x 10 – Chest Press Machine
  • 2.79 miles (20 minutes) Cycling

Wednesday I took off but came back to the gym on Thursday. Going back to the gym on Thursday was a little bit of a argument or more like discussion with attitude. My shoulder was feeling better but I knew I wasn’t going to do anything to push it. I know my limits. My wife, on the other hand, wanted me to take another day off. But I did go back on Thursday.

This was the first day I began using the new fitness app called FitBod. Fitbod uses an algorithm to give you exercises to do based on previously used muscle groups, rest days, how long you normally workout and what you want to gain. It leaves the guessing out of training and helps you not to get muscle memory. By changing up what you do, your muscles and body work in harmony. My first workout was back and legs. I got a nice variety of exercises.

  • 4x 7.5lbs x 15 – Dumbbell Row (Single Hand)
  • 3x 7.5lbs x 10 – Dumbbell Upright Row
  • 3x 7.5lbs x 15 – Dumbbell Bent Over Row
  • 3x 25lbs x 12 – Cable Rows
  • TRX Clock Pull – 3×4
  • TRX Swimmer Pull  4×6
  • TRX Hip Throw 4×5
  • TRX Power Pull 5×4
  • 1.07 miles x 3.5 incline (25 minutes) Treadmill

I got to take the day off from work, so I asked Michelle if she joined the gym yet. She did and we met up at the gym midday so I could give her a work out. I gave her my arm/tricep workout from Fitbod to do. I did not work out, but only trained Michelle. I did see my trainer that day at the gym training someone else. He gave me an alternate arm position for the incline chest fly that will not kill my shoulder.

When I came home, I passed out on the sofa. With the Whole30 diet, I am going through carb flu and fighting the sugar dragon. So, I literally have been dragging ass this week. I skipped Friday because I was just too tired to get up. But I am ready to take on this afternoon. I will be co-working out with Michelle this afternoon on leg day. She wanted to do legs, so we will be using Fitbod to take on the leg challenge.