Week 5 Workouts


Since coming back to the gym after 7 months away, this is week #5. I decided that I would do a summary of everything I did at the gym this week because I have to do it for the trainer anyway. Might as well keep a log. Right?

Monday – Most leg machines were in use
TRX Squats 3×15
Seated Leg Curls 3x 65lbs x 12
Glute Kickbacks 3x 30lbs x 10
Hip Abductor 3x 90lbs x 15
5 miles (36 minutes) cycling.

TUESDAY – Again machine/cables in use – I gotta learn more exercises
Chest Press Machine 3x 35lbs x 12
Converging Chest Press – 20lbs x 4 / 10lbs x 7 / 10lbs x 8
Chest Fly Machine 3x 30lbs x 10
5.27 Miles (37 minutes) Cycling


TRX Inverted Row 3x 10
Lat Pulldown Underhand 3x 45lbs x 12
Seated Row 3x 40lbs x 12
Diverging Lat Pulldown Machine 30lbs x 12 / 40lbs x 12 / 50lbs x 12 (1st time using machine, so I was learning my limits)
TRX Bicep Curl Crunch 3x 20
3 miles (21 minutes) Cycling

FRIDAY (Today)
Overhead Tricep Extension Cable 20lbs x 15 / 30lbs x 10 x 2
Standing Shoulder Press Cable 3x 15lbs x 10 (This was not as hard on shoulders as the shoulder press machine)
Bicep Curl Cable 3x 15lbs x 10
Rope Pull 3x 15 pulls each arm (Superset with Bicep Curls)
Tricep Pushdown Cable – 15lbs x 10 / 2x 20lbs x 10
Torso Rotation Cable 15lbs x 10 / 2x 20lbs x 10 (each side – Superseted with Tricept Pushdown)
6.23 Miles (47 minutes) Cycling.