Training 7/21/20


When I got up yesterday for training, I just knew that it would be leg day with my trainer. Guess what? It was. As soon as he walked me over to the leg extension machine, I was like, I knew it. Leg day can be excruciating. It really is our strongest muscle in our body. Think about it. For someone who is 300lbs, your leg muscles help carry that weight day in and day out. That is why most people can press high numbers. I know the last time I tried a leg press years ago, I could press over 100lbs.

Leg extensions basically is sitting in a chair and lifting at the knee pushing the weight that is around your ankle up. This works your quadriceps or tops of your thighs. Second exercises was body weight lunges. Those work almost every part of your leg, at least I felt it in every part of my leg. Those two exercises were alternated.

We moved over to calf raise machine. You don’t need a machine for this exercise. Basically, stand on your tippy toes and back down. Do that 15 times for each set. That is a calf press without machine. The calf stretch, we did not use a machine for this. At home, you can do this two ways: 1) walk on your tippy toes for 20 seconds or 2) put a thick book on the floor next to something that can hold your weight. Put your toes on the book, leaving your heels down on the ground then push your body forward holding on to something that won’t move. This will pull the muscles that on in the calves.

Hip Abductor is good with a machine. But you can do this at home without one. On the machine, you press your legs together and push the weight outward as your spread your legs. Easy right?  Okay, now for the home version. Get on the floor in doggy style. Once there, you lift one leg like you are trying to hike your leg on a tree like a dog. Keep your knee bent. 15 times per leg for 3 times. Ankle weights will add resistance if you have some.

Finally, the crunch machine. He told me would help me. Ultimately, what the machine does is pushes your knees up and your chest down so you are curling up into a ball with 10lbs (I used) for resistance. You do use your arms to help. I used my arms and his and he did help me with this. He told me that I did about 60% of the work. There is really nothing to replace this exercise, but their are so many styles of crunches you can do that any will really work. Keep your knees bent in the air toward your chest and lift your shoulders off the mat while squeezing your stomach muscles. That will put you in a similar position.

After all of that, I came to work for the day. It finally stopped raining, so we went for a walk that afternoon. I told Elisabeth (my wife) to walk at her pace and I will walk at mine, so she moved along. Our plan was to walk for 1 hour. So at 30 minutes, Elisabeth texted me and told me to turn around. This way we walked 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back. At the end, we met up at the same time back at the car. Perfect timing. I walked 2.53 miles where she walked just over 3 miles. Weather was about 90 degrees, so I think we did a fantastic job.

Today is free day. No gym and no walking. We will be back at it tomorrow.