The Scale Gods Hate Me


Sundays are weigh in days. It has been two months since coming out of the hospital and making this lifestyle change and yet I haven’t seen a pound gone.

Initially when I came out of the hospital eating 4 days of almost nothing, I was down to 205. Reminder that at my heaviest I was 315 lbs. Once I began to eat 3 normal squares a day with healthy snacks, I gained that weight back in about a week. Now after two months, I am on the flat shelf of 210. This is my new normal weight. I don’t go up, I don’t go down.

The first few weeks out of the hospital, I was averaging about 1600-1800 calories a day, mostly around 1650-1700 with my carb count being around that 45 net point. I saw no weight loss during this time but I was still eating a lot of processed snacks. When my wife took to a more whole food diet, my calories dropped to an average of 1200-1400 and I was not depriving myself of food. I was eating full meals… FULL HEALTHY MEALS. Still no weight loss.

At the beginning of June, I joined LA Fitness and even got a trainer. For the first month with all the extra fitness sessions thrown it, I trained 2 days a week and kept a food journal via My Fitness Pal. That first month with 2 days of fitness training, and hardly any cardio, I did not lose any weight.

After a month, I turned my food journal into Fred (my trainer) and he told me that I was not eating enough. He wanted to see my calorie intake no less than 1900. Oh lord!!! Other changes he wanted me to make was to move to Green Tea instead of standard black tea, and to snack for calories and protein.

So, move my calories from 1400 to 1900 eating whole foods – no junk and move to green tea. Okay, I can do this.

This has been the hardest endeavor yet. Trying not to put processed foods in my body like keto snacks or processed meats (I do have high cholesterol, too) and getting calories is hard. Even protein drinks, which my trainer would like for me to drink when I need a calorie boost, contains too many bad things for you. I struggle daily to even come close to the 1900 calorie count my trainer wants me to have.

On 7/9/20, my breakfast was a sausage link and Muscle Milk. Lunch was chicken thighs and roasted cabbage. Dinner was pork chops, cauliflowers and Brussels sprouts. Snacks during the day included processed cheese crisps, and a homemade pudding fluff. I still only had 1400 calories that day.

On 7/10/20, my breakfast was fast food – Double Meat Whataburger with two hash brown sticks. This put my carb load way over 45. Lunch was pork chops, cauliflowers and Brussels sprouts (lunch for dinner the night before). Dinner was a chicken salad with guacamole from Freebirds. Dessert was more pudding fluff. Really a double meat Whataburger and hashbrowns and I still did not hit my calorie count. PLUS…I felt sick from eating that processed food. My body just doesn’t want it anymore. I don’t feel I need it.

So last week, my daily average calorie count was 1631. My carb average was 52. Protein average 108. Sugars stayed low at 16 grams. I hit the gym four times: once with trainer for 30 minutes, and three days of 45 minute work outs. On top of that, my wife and I went walking 3 days for an hour or more each day. Guess what? No weight loss.

This is why I think the scale gods hate me. Do I think my trainer is right that 1900 calories will kick start the loss? I don’t know. I know tons of experts state calories in/calories out and you will lose weight. Obviously two months of cutting back and exercising is not working. It takes time, I know. One day, I will wake up and I will see myself and go what happened? Where did it all go? Right now, size is a big key. I might not be losing weight but a pair of tight shorts fit me a little better. My XXL shirts hang on me, and my XL shirts look good…minus the tire around my belly.

I can’t not get discouraged even though it is easy to do when people measure pounds more than shirt sizes. I will get out there in the 100 degree heat and walk my 2-3 miles. I will continue to work out at the gym on my own as well as with my trainer. I will try to eat 1900 calories without processed foods, don’t know how but I will try. Eventually, I will see the scale numbers drop but for now, I wait and curse the gods each week.