New Scale. New Weight. New Start.


This week, we purchased a digital scale. Previously, we were using an older dial scale and we would peer down to the dial and says, “uhm, is that 213 or 214?” I told the wife, I wanted a digital scale so that I could see exactly what I weighed. We purchased one.

I remember that when I was training last year that my trainer would weigh me on the scale at the gym. I was one of the old doctor’s office scales where you would tap the weights across the bar and it would balance in the middle. Old school, right? Well, my home scale was always less than my gym scale. I liked my old scale. Last week, I was 211lbs.


We purchased the Taylor 7549 Glass Digital Scale at Target. Reasons for purchase were the auto zero technology, which means that it will auto recalibrate and reset to zero; and it looked cool. The wife set it up and we pushed it off to the side until weigh-in day, which was today.

Remember, how I told you the scale at the gym was different weights than the old school one at home. Well, today the Taylor scale gave me a number that I wasn’t expecting. Yup. It again was very different. And before I say the number, the wife and I decided that we were going to accept the number for the “correct” weight and this would be the new start. New scale, new start. Let’s move forward and no look back.


There it is. Big, bold, and official as official can get. That is about a 7lb difference between our old manual scale and the new digital scale. That is seven pounds not in my favor but it shows me that I have to work a little harder to get that weight that I thought I had lost off. I can’t be weak and break down over seven pounds.