New Personal Trainer


Today, I started with a new personal trainer. After a month of working with Fred, I decided to change my trainer for reasons that had nothing to do with Fred, at all.

Right now with COVID on the rise in Houston and the city being at level RED, I made the decision to change gyms and times. Home is 2 blocks to my current gym, which was where I was training. Work is 2 blocks from work. I had been keeping my training close to home, but started utilizing the gym by work at 6am for my solo work-outs. Reason being is that there are hardly no people there at 6am and those that are there are wearing masks.

At my home gym, the place is crowded at 7pm with no real social distancing and many people take off their masks to work out. With the rise in COVID in Houston, I decided that is just too many people and not safe for me. I am very high risk. Being older and a diabetic, my immune system is not as healthy as I would like it and I had to make the best decision for me in order to keep training.

I will be training at 630am with Scott once a week at the gym near work. Luckily, I am not a big sweater so coming to work after the gym is no big deal. We met today for the first time and spoke for about 15 minutes or so in order to find out where I am at with my training and let him know where my problem areas are and my goals. Those goals are very different than were I was a month ago and I know my goals will change over time. Next month, they could be completely different again.

My goal a month ago when I signed up was just to live without shooting up with insulin everyday and to prepare for taking hormone replacements. Today, I know I can eat a whole food diet and maintain my carb load. I don’t know what will happen with the diabetes and the insulin and where I am at on the hormones is still a battle in my mind. Right now, my current goal is to losing weight, get stronger, and understand training so I can become a personal trainer myself. Again, this is where I am at right now. Tomorrow, my goals may change.

I am only 1 month into my 6 month commitment for personal training. I don’t like starting over because the training is so very different. One is not better over the other in style and what will work, they just are different. What I do know is that I pushed myself today, just as I have pushed myself each time with Fred. Knowing that, I feel like I will fit very well with Scott.