Meeting With New Trainer


At the new gym, Blink Fitness, they offer a free assessment with the trainer. Obviously, the free session is to get clients to sign up for a training program. Last year with LA Fitness, I signed up for 6 months and finished my commitment. During that time, I went through three different trainers and each on of them brought something to the table. I quit because of the amount of money it cost on a monthly basis. LA Fitness only had one program which was 4 sessions a month.

Blink Fitness has different levels of training. They have 4x, 6x, and 8x per month… They also have what they call a check-in. 1x or 2x per month to check in with a trainer, learn new exercise but mostly a work on your own kind of program. After waiting for a week to hear back from Blink, I finally got an email from their trainer. Aziz Zeid.

Today at the gym, I saw him so I stopped to say hi and to sorta just see if he had a little time to talk. We spent about 20 minutes chatting about where I have been, what I am currently doing, and where I want to go. It was like our personal assessment off the books. He was super nice and I felt like we connected right off the bat.

Aziz Zeid, official professional bodybuilder

He essentially told me that I was on the right track with everything I am doing. We looked at my Strong app and I showed him my workouts. He told me that having experience already that he might not need to start with basics with me but said that he could totally elevate them to achieving my goals. He believes fitness should be fun and he wants me leaving the gym feeling good with what I accomplished and not burnt out that I want to quit.

He gave me some calorie advice and food advice, which I will plug into My Fitness Pal. He does think I am on the right path; I am just at my plateau where my body is saying “I’ve given you enough.”

We set up my first free appointment for next Sunday. He said that we’ll skip the get to know each other step and get right into giving me a great workout that challenges me. The wife says that we should be able to afford 2 sessions a month so that I can take my routines to the next level. I think I am above the basics and that I need to push myself. I just feel like I need that someone behind me that is pushing me too.

Thinking back to my trainer workouts in the past, I also felt my trainer days left me feeling inspired to be better. That is what I need.