Leg Day – Workout #65


Some people hate leg day… I actually like it much more than shoulder day. Is shoulder day a real thing?

So why do I love leg day. Honestly, I love the burn and the after burn. Its like a friggin’ high for me. Yeah, I might walk around going “oh leg day” afterwards but secretly, I am going… “Oh yeah, leg day.”

Actually, today’s workout was legs, shoulders and biceps. So almost a full body when you think about it. When I was with my trainer last year, he came up with 5 days of work-outs. This was his day five. Since being back in the gym, I have finished a week’s worth of exercises. I feel really good at where I am and even though I am not at the same weights as I once was; I need to pace myself. I am pushing myself, I am just not killing myself.

One of the things my last trainer really never did was talk about the importance of core exercises. Crunches all day long, every day. Without a strong core, you might not be properly positioning yourself for other exercises. On training days, I started with 5 minutes on a bike and then it was working out. My first trainer was about the core. And you need it.

Disclaimer: Not me at the gym.

I started today’s session with two core exercises: Crunch Kicks and Bicycle Crunches. Ten times for three rounds. That is 60 crunch exercises to start my workout. I really need to do more. Let’s see how I can bring those into my routine.

Two workouts ago, it was leg day again. I waited until the end of the routine to do my squats. Bad idea. I was already so exhausted from leg presses that I have no room for squats. Since today was leg, shoulder, and biceps; I alternated between my squats and my lateral arm raises. For my squats, I used the TRX bands. They had a little bit more stability for me and allow me to get a lower squat while keeping my form. And for my lateral raises, I used the resistance bands. The bands at Blink do not have a pound, only a level. I am working on trying to find out the weight.

Next up, I did side lunges. I have a bad left knee so a couple times so a couple time it felt like it wanted to give out. I adjusted my stance and did not go down as far on that side. You have to listen to your body when you exercise. A lot of people will put earbuds in and just mindless go at a workout. I am never in earbuds. I am focused on my body and my posture because I want to make sure I am not going to hurt myself. I am zoned out at what is around me. Instead I am focused on my body. Maybe that is what yoga is all about.

Finished up with hip exercises, a couple dumbbell exercises, and then single leg lateral step-ups. Anyone can do the step-ups, even at home. Take a stair and step sideways up while leaving one leg hanging off the edge. I did ten of those on each leg, four times. That is 40 steps on each leg. Finally, finishing up with 10 minutes on a bike.

Overall, good day though my wife would say, everyday at the gym is a good day because you got up and did it. Good thought. The wifey went with me to the gym this morning but we did different things. We will see what tomorrow brings.