I’m Sorry… I Cheated!


Whole30 is easy but hard at the same time. I loved eating whole foods, clean, and correctly. I have not been hungry much past the first couple of days. The mind tricks are vicious because they are telling you to eat and to go ahead and splurge. I didn’t let myself get taken away for the first 10 days.

Yesterday, I made a conscious decision to splurge and it wasn’t one I took lightly like someone brought in donuts and I could not resist. No, I resisted those. Together with my wife, we made the decision to go out to eat and some place we could not be good. Really, there was no options. The reason we made those decisions is because of how our week and life is laid out.

Monday through Friday, we fix our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Everything is good. Clean. Whole. Friday nights after we get paid, we normally do our grocery shopping. Which means, eating out. There are not many good, clean options. We already tried the compliant Freebirds bowl and was unimpressed. It also hard because on Saturdays, we don’t have breakfast. That was always a go out time too. It was fine when we have a holiday weekend but going through our daily routines; it’s just hard.

Also… My trainer told me on Friday that I had to do weekly weigh-ins. Whole30 and scales are not friends. One of the rules to Whole30 was to not step on the scale for 31 days. I can’t send him my weigh-ins without getting on the scale. So together, Elisabeth and I decided to eat out last night and step on the scale this morning. Especially if I am starting the Whole30 over, I just I need to weigh myself.

At the start of Whole30 – August 31st. I weighed myself at 215lbs. Ten days later after eating a completely whole food diet and working out seven of those ten days, I lost 4lbs. I am down to 211.

Last year, when I got out of the hospital and began eating a low carb diet and going to the gym, I went from 218 to 203lbs in a span of two months. Do I think that Whole30 is the way to go? Yes… Do I think there needs to be a balance so we can not feel like eating out is taboo? Yes. Whole food eating is not cheap. Our grocery bill has gone up tremendously and that was a reason I thought about quitting. But I believe in the concept of whole food.

A lot of people will do a 80/20 meaning, 5 days compliant and 2 days not. I don’t believe in that either. There are 21 meals in a week. Three meals a day at seven days a week. 80/20 means 80% of the time, you are compliant. But instead of having 6 meals off, why not one or two. At one meal, that means 96% of the time, I am compliant. If I take my Saturday morning breakfast too, that would me That is 91% of the time, I am eating healthy. This sounds much more obtainable than crashing and burning for 2 days straight and having to detox again.

So… I cheated. I ate out Friday night and on Saturday morning. I weighed myself and now I am starting again.