Fitness Journal – Day 1


Maybe my fitness journal should be a little Asian Kawaii notebook with unicorns on it. I know just were to get one. Instead, I am using my blog. I told a friend that she needed to start a fitness journal, so maybe I should start one too.

My friend, who we will call Baby Bird, is trying to get herself motivated to return to the gym. Everything with COVID and life just seems to get in the way. I understand this. For me, COVID didn’t stop me or frighten me. Others, the fear of too many people, not social distancing, and having to wear a mask and contamination are all good reasons to fear going back to gym life. For me, this is my normal. I joined the gym right in the middle of COVID and they opened the gyms back up in Texas.

Baby Bird wants to get back into lift weights and I have taken up the role of motivator by giving her exercises, starting with home stuff, and now gym. I told her to make that fitness journal since she is in a different state, it will help me train better. I hope she will be my first victim (trainee) so I can practice my skills.

Okay… back to me. Today was gym day. Chest, shoulders, and triceps. I had found this workout out online with these cool shoulder exercises and for the life of me, I lost the video. After searching all day yesterday, I found it. He called it a Delt Stretch 21s. I watched the video over and over so I could learn the moves, and today I did them. I thought it was quite cool and wow… My weight was super low at 2.5lbs but so what. I am learning why and how and that is all that matters.

Today’s workout is above. After about an hour after the gym, I could already fill my muscles sore and my arms feel very heavy. I love the feeling of a good workout.

Anyone who would like to steal this workout, please do. I can break it down for you, just message me.

This weekend is weigh-in day. I have been really good so far with no splurges. I am trying so hard to not splurge and eat carbs. Part of it is because of weigh in and the other part is because I am out of insulin and diabetes meds. If I watch my food intake, I will be okay. I have to wait until October 9th paycheck in order to get meds again… Being broke sucks.

I also have 2 more payments of my trainer and then I am done. Finished my 6 month commitment to a personal trainer and have taken so much out of it, including my desire to be a personal trainer myself. I am studying my ass off.

Tomorrow, I will see if I get up for the gym. Normally, I take off on Friday and Saturdays. But since I missed Monday, I wanted to get 4 days in before weigh-in on Sunday. Wish me luck.