Fell off the wagon… On purpose


And dammit, it hurt.

Saturday was our wedding anniversary and the wife and I went out to dinner. I didn’t think much about splurging for one meal. What could it hurt? We went to Twisted Grilled Cheese. Yes, dinner was carb heavy and I had a specialty limeade.

By around 10pm, my hand was in so much pain. Oddly, it did not swell. My joints felt like I had the worse case of arthritis, I have ever had. I couldn’t make a fist without severe pain and if I stretched out my hand for like high five, I was in pain then too. The pain was only in one hand (Left) and didn’t actually go up my arm. It stayed in my fingers.

I don’t know what actually happened but it scared the shit out of me. I took Aleve and by morning I was sore and stiff but not as much pain. I could actually grip things.

I could not stop the training session that I had. I so wanted today’s post to be about the trainer since it was my first day, but I am talking about this instead. I went to training. He pushed me to weights I had never done. I learned a few new exercises and had a good day at the gym in spite of my hand hurting.

By lunch time and two protein packed meals, I was feeling enormously better. Dinner again was protein packed, too. This morning, I am about 95% better. My hand is fine, just stiff. It feels like I need to crack my knuckles.

I am looking forward to making this concepts of Whole30 a general part of my life. Whatever happened to me on Saturday scared the crap out of me. I kept questioning if I had a stroke or something like that because of my blood sugar being so far out of whack.

When I spent an entire month of eating healthy and then one meal kicks you into the curb, I have to start to wonder. Ultimately, it tells me that I MUST do this. There is no trying. My life is on the line and I don’t want those types of issues as I get older. I am almost 50 and I still have a life to live.