Diet and Exercise – A Winning Combination


This weekend, the wife and I started the Whole30 diet. I hate saying diet because it really is a lifestyle change to eat whole foods, nothing processed. The concept of Whole30 is to restrict the type of foods to only whole and natural foods for an entire month. Like an elimination diet and after 30 days, you can reintroduce food back into your daily diet. The idea is to find out which foods trigger bloating, allergies, etc… I am not looking at Whole30 as what I can bring back into my diet but to help me begin to live a whole food diet going forward. I do believe that food is the entire reason we are fat and have diseases.

I began my exercise quest a year ago. Spent 6 months with a trainer in the beginning and then took a break. During this break, I found myself in a depression. I didn’t feel good about myself. I felt like a failure and at 50 years old, I didn’t know what to do with the rest of my life. Odd to say that at 50 years old. I have been working the same job for more than half of my life and at some point, it becomes a Joe Vs The Volcano situation. Every day, I come into the same location, sit behind the same desk, and do the same thing over and over. Something needed to change in my life.

After some soul searching, I took myself back to the gym and haven’t been happier. The gym is my happy place. While I may not be in their powerlifting, I am pushing myself to be a better me. And what I have found out is that I want to help people like me more than ever. I want to help them lose weight, to get healthier, and to get fit.

This weekend, my friend Michelle decided that she would give the gym a chance. She had been working out through jazzercise in the past but had not attempted to lift weights. She got herself a free pass and I showed her around the gym and how to use the machines with an hour full-body workout. This was my first attempt at being a personal trainer. While I don’t think I am nearly ready to take on clients, I do feel confident in coming up with a routine that she could follow if she wanted. The goal on Sunday was not for me to become her trainer but just to show her how to use the machines. Mission accomplished.

I make my own routines, change up my workouts regularly. I have seen progress since being back at the gym. I am not longer holding back. I am pushing my muscles to their limits. I can finally see and feel biceps under my fat. I have definition in my calves from biking. And my thighs have lost inches because I can finally push my legs together to get them between the smallest hip abductor beginning location. My range is becoming greater.

And all the while, I am happy. My diet keeps me full so I am not snacking. My exercises are showing progress with non-scale victories. While ultimately I have a goal of 160lbs, I have a bigger goal of being a better me. I think that with my diet in place and my exercises gains, I am on the right path.