Chest Workout #75


Today is workout #75 since I started using the Strong app to help log and keep track of what I am doing at the gym. I love the app because it really has helped guide me through routines. Let’s me pick exercises that targets the muscle group I am working. And keeps up with the history so I can see what I did the last time.

My weekly routine in Shoulder, Chest, Back, Arms, and Leg. 5 Days of workouts, each lasting about 25 minutes of exercises with the rest of my time doing cardio. Today was chest day.

What this shows me is a summary of my workout. I could go into more details by clicking it on the app. But essentially, I warmed up for 5 minutes on the treadmill.

3×20 Reverse Crunches – Basically, I am lying back on my elbow and I lift my knees to my chest making it a reverse crunch because a regular crunch would be lying on your back and lifting you chest to your bent knees. I have not been able to master that due to my back issues, so my last trained taught me this trick. I like it and I can do it. My goal is to get to 90 crunches a day. Right now I am at 60.

3 x 25lbs x 15 Chest press machine – My highest weight was at drop set where I do 10x40lbs, then 6x45lbs, ending at 5x50lbs. In early October of last year, I had gotten up to a weight of 3x10x40lbs. I’ve been slowly working myself back up there.

3 x 30lbs x 10 Chest fly – I have been pretty consistent this year to last year. I am still at 30lbs. I need to start looking at raising that soon.

3 x 10lbs x 10 Converging Chest press – While the standard chest press goes straight out in front of you. The converging chest press brings your arms up and in. It is a tad harder, especially after I had already done a standard chest press. On the last set of 10, I really pushed in order to get that set complete.

Disclaimer: Not my chest…

The next two exercises were done as a superset, which means you do them back to back with no rest in between.

3 x 10lbs x 10 Chest Fly Low Cable – This is taking the cables from the ground up. Similar to the converging press, you are going up and in, the chest fly using the low cable starts your arms pointed down versus your elbow bent at 90 degrees. This gives you a bigger range of motion and also works shoulders and triceps.

3 x 10lbs x 10 Svend Press – I had to explain this exercise to someone. Basically, you are taking a plate weight and pressing it in between your hands so it doesn’t drop. Then you pull the plate toward your chest then extend your arms straight out in front of you keeping that plate pressed between your hands. This works the center of your chest. It also is shoulders and triceps because you are using those arms to keep the plate pressed so it doesn’t fall. I just started doing this. You can use a plate, a ball, or something that you can grip tightly. At first I did it with a medicine ball at 4.4lbs. Today, I did a 10lbs plate.

Finished the workout with 3 miles on the bicycle. Overall, pretty good workout.