Cardio, Cardio, Cardio…


When I stepped into the gym for the first time last year, I told myself that I wasn’t going to do cardio and that all I needed to do was lift weights. Boy, do I laugh now.

Trainer number one didn’t tell me to do cardio but told me to focus on my core. Something I did for six months. At the start of every workout, I used to do my decline crunches and Russian twists. At the end of my workout, I would do another round of 2 to 3 different core exercises. Strong core equals better posture and better stamina for workouts.

Trainer two told me it was fine to lift weights but if I wanted to lose serious weight, I needed to do cardio. I said to myself, he doesn’t know shit. I wasn’t going to do cardio unless it was boxing. I maybe did boxing for 20 minutes once a week.

Trainer three didn’t tell me anything about cardio but he did tell me about the performance cardio that he did on his own. Fine… so one out of three talked to me about cardio. And ultimately, I hate it but I see the point for it.

Every trainer is a little different and depending on what you want out of a trainer, will give you want you want. I think some trainers don’t talk about cardio so much is because they are there to train you on how to lift weights, work muscle groups, correct form, etc… It’s not their job to sit and watch you run a treadmill for 30 minutes. There is some given work that is required on my part. I just never took it.

I came in, did my session, and went home. On days when I was alone, I came in did my core then my exercises and came home. What I was missing and am missing is the essential for burning calories and fat and that is something a trainer is not really going to tell me to do because I should automatically know this.


Studies show that the normal average person should get at least 150 minutes a week of some aerobic exercise. Fast walking, running, aerobics, biking, or whatever your preference. In that same study, it has found that overweight people tend to lose more weight when pushing that 250 minute mark.

250 minutes a week, equals 35 minutes a day every day. But I don’t work out every day. Some days I want to sit on my ass and watch tv. Lets break it down to 6 days at 41 minutes a day. 5 days a week at 50 minutes. How do you fit it in when you barely have an hour of workout time a day. It is hard. Trust me.

Answer me a question… Is it worth spending that much time everyday in order to lose some weight?

If you said no, you don’t want to lose weight. You like the idea of losing weight, but you don’t want to lose it. Here is why? If you want to go on vacation bad enough, you save the money, you pinch the pennies, you make the sacrifice to go. Everything you really want, you make time for and you sacrifice something else for it. Anytime, you make an excuse of why you can’t – it means you don’t want it enough.

Do I want to lose weight? Yes.

What do I have a sacrifice in order reach my goal? 30 minutes of sleep in the morning. Go to sleep 30 minutes earlier. or sleep only 7.5 hours instead of 8 hours. Also… I would also be sacrificing the amount of time I am weight lifting each day. I have about an hour of exercise a day 35 minutes needs to be cardio which means I am left with 25 minutes of weight training. A normal personal training session is 30 minutes so am I missing out on my weight training?

Not really. It means I need to plan my workouts better and the workout has to include my 35 minutes of cardio. If I want it… I will do it.

250 minutes this week… lets see where I am.

Monday = 45 minutes of cardio (I am ahead)
Tuesday = 20 minutes of cardio (didn’t hit it but take 10 fromMonday and move to Tuesday)
Wednesday = 35 minutes of cardio. (By the end of the day, I am 5 minutes shy from being on target).
Thursday = Goal is 35-45 minutes.
Friday = Goal is 35-45 minutes
Saturday is our day of rest.
Sunday = 80 minutes of cardio (if I do the bare minimum on Thursday and Friday)

This is my first week on trying to reach this goal of 250 minutes a week. Let’s see if I can do it… And remember, if I don’t it doesn’t mean I won’t try again next week because I know that it is better than what I was doing.