At The Gym – Week 9


Another week is in the books. Official weigh-in: 218.4

That is .4 lbs down from my last official weight. I asked my Fitbod community how often do people weigh and oddly, a lot of people said either daily or not at all. So at home, the wife and I weighed everyday this week. There was a day that was 222, another was 217. So as everyone knows, you can’t judge a daily scale or a weekly scale, either. It is all about consistency and an average weight and measurements over time.

Two days ago, I posted how it wasn’t my week. Still really isn’t. There is a lot of things going on mentally and physically that I don’t like. One being no day off. The boss is out of town and so, I have to run and manage the joint. When you don’t get the mental break, you burn out. I was exhausted by the end of the day. It seems like work is just so busy that there is no down time. Not even to eat lunch. This makes for a rough time overall.

So here is my workout rundown.


  • 2.62 Miles (54:00) Walking Outdoors (Before training)
  • 2x 20lbs x 10 – Stiff Leg Deadlifts *Had trouble with these
  • 3x 10lbs x 10 – Standing Leg Curls
  • 2x 60lbs x 10 / 1x 90lbs x 10 – Leg Extension Machine
  • 2x 45lbs x 10 / 1x 70lbs x 10 – Leg Press *I think these weights were the amounts, trainer loaded them and I hurt my back
  • 3x 60lbs x 15 – Seated Leg Press

MONDAY – I was not feeling 100% and it showed.

  • 2x 15lbs x 10 / 1x 10lbs x 10 – Upright Row Cable
  • 3x 30lbs x 15 – Chest Press Machine
  • 2x 25lbs x 20 – Tricep Dip Machine
  • 3x 10lbs x 10 – Single Arm Bench Press
  • 2x 20sec – Elevated Plank
  • 4miles (28:19) Cycling

TUESDAY – SKIPPED since I was still recovering from back pain


  • 15reps / 12reps / 3reps = Leg Pull In Crunch
  • 9 reps – Scissor Kicks *Back still sore
  • 3x 2lbs x 15 – Russian Twist
  • 2x 5lbs x 20 – Zottman Curl
  • 2x 5lbx x 20 – No Money Curls
  • 3x 7.5lbs x 12 – Seated Dumbbell Curl
  • 1x 7.5lbs x 25 / 1x 7.5lbs x 15 – Bent Over One Arm Row *App said Max Effort so as many as I could do.
  • 1x 77lbs x 4 / 2x 44lbs x 12 – Dual Pulley Lat Pulldown
  • 1x 40lbs x 12 / 2x 40lbs x 20 – Seated Row *App said Max Effort for the last two rounds
  • .50 miles (12min) Hiking Machine


  • 11 reps / 13 reps / 9 reps – Scissor Kicks
  • 3x 10lbs x 10 – Step Ups
  • 3x 15 – TRX Squats
  • 8x – TRX Alternating Side Lunges *Could not get these
  • 6x – TRX Balance Lunges *Only one side, knee was hurting
  • 3x 20 – TRX Hamstring Curls
  • 3x 10 – TRX Bicep Curl Crunches
  • 1x 10 / 2x 10lbs x 10 (per leg) – Lateral Step Ups w/Knee Drives
  • 3 miles (20:28) – Cycling


Saturday after work, I am going to go hiking with the wife. I will track that to see how far I get. Going to Hersey Park Ant Hills. So. I hope to get some good cardio in. I took Friday and will take tomorrow off at the gym since I will be with the trainer on Sunday. I never know what muscles he wants to work, so I want to make sure I am good to go.