At The Gym – Week 8


Okay… another week in the books and I sort of feel good about my week. I have used Fitbod to change up my routines, only to change it back to the old standards. I like Fitbod’s interface and the ability to look up the videos right there on the app. It seems to give me a lot of core exercises. Maybe it realizes I have two tires around my waist and I need to do more. I also have changed out when it gives me exercises such as deadlifts. Until I work with my trainer on those, I do not want to attempt anything that can potential screw me over.

My other issue is that some of the exercises it asks me to do are things that I feel silly attempting in the middle of the gym. Maybe if I was 150lbs and fit, but right now I am still fat and don’t want to be known as the fat girls falling on her face when I can’t do a push-up or a Renegade Row. Maybe, someday.

Let’s breakdown what I did this week. I didn’t have a trainer this week, so it was all me.


  • 3x 12 – TRX Squats
  • 1x 30lbs x10 / 2x 35lbs x 10 – Single Leg Curls
  • 3x 25lbs x10 – Single Leg Extensions
  • 1x 25lbs x10 / 1x 30lbs x 10 / 1x 35lbs x10 – Cable Row with Squat *This exercise was given to me by the app. I never done it before and it was quite hard to be coordinated enough to perform it well, I think.
  • 3x 25lbs x 10 – Iso-Ab Rotation (Cable) *Record weight, before I was at 18lbs.
  • 3x 80lbs x 10 – Hip Adductors
  • 3x 100lbs x 10/17/16 – Hip Abductors *App wanted Max Effort which is first round 10x, the 2nd and 3rd times to be as many as you can do successfully. 2nd=17 reps, 3rd=16 reps.
  • 2x 30lbs x 10 – Glute Kickback Machine *I hate this exercise
  • 3x 80lbs x 10 – Seated Leg Press
  • 1x 90lbs x10 / 2x 100lbs x 12 – Seated Calf Extension
  • 3.40 miles (25 minutes) cycling.


  • 3x 7.5lbs x 12 – Tricep Dumbbell Kickbacks
  • 3x 7.5lbs x 12 – Tricep Extension Dumbbell
  • 3x 30lbs x 10 – Incline Bench Press – Close Grip *First time doing this
  • 3x 30lbs x 12 – Bent Over Row (Barbell)
  • 3x 15lbs x 12 – Lateral Cable Tricep Extension *First time doing this.
  • 3x 25lbs x 12/17/20 – Overhead Tricep Extension Cable *App wanted Max Effort which is first round 12x, the 2nd and 3rd times to be as many as you can do successfully. 2nd = 17 reps. 3rd = 20 reps
  • 3x 25lbs x 12 – Tricep Pulldown Cable
  • 3x 40lsb x 12 – Seated Row Cable
  • 1x 55lbs x 8 / 4x 70lbs x 4 – Lat Pulldown Wide Grip Cable
  • 2 miles (13 minutes) Cycling


  • 2x 20lbs x 12/1x 15lbs x 12 – Converging Chest Press
  • 3x 30lbs x 12 – Chest Fly Machine
  • 3x 5lbs x 12 – Arnold Press
  • 3x 7.5lbs x 12 – Incline Bench Press Dumbbells
  • 3x 7.5lbs x 12 – Incline Bench Hammercurls *First time trying lying on a bench.
  • 3x 10lbs x 12 – Bicep Curl (Cable)
  • 3x 10lbs x 12 – Upright Row (Cable)
  • 1x 10lbs x 12 / 2x 15lbs x 12 – Facepull Cable
  • 4 miles (24 minutues) Cycling


THURSDAY – I didn’t get enough time since wife wanted to go to work early.

  • 4x 8 Rep – TRX Balance Lunges *First try at these. I think I could do one leg better than the other. Need more coordination.
  • 3x 35lbs x 10 – Leg Extension
  • 3x 65lbs x 10 – Seated Leg Curls
  • 3x 85lbs x10 – Seated Leg Press *For some reason, this just seemed hard that day. Knee hurting.
  • 3 miles (20 minutes) Cycling.

FRIDAY (TODAY) – OFF. Woke up too early and gym closed so came to work instead. I might try to see what my apartment gym has and try tonight, even if just cardio. I also usually don’t go on Saturday, so this is the end of my gym week. Sunday is trainer day, again. I am excited about that.