After Two Boot Camps, I Need Weights


Last Thursday then on Saturday, I attended Bootcamps with a group of people from Blink Fitness. The trainer, or my trainer Aziz has put together exercise boot camps on these nights and I got to attend two of them.

Thursday night, the boot camp was inside Blink Fitness Westchase. That was pretty intense. The fitness stations were: planks, lunge bicep curls, burpees with box jumps, battle rope jumping jacks, and tornado balls. While I did need to make some alternate moves, I kept up most of the way.

Saturday night, boot camp was at Tanglewood Park. This camp is outside Blink and it is donation-based. Aziz has a non-profit exercise organization. He donates his time and we donate to his organization. This camp included: leg lift hurdles, Mike Tyson’s, mountain climbers, blast-off push-ups, and sidestep suicides. While it was still hard, the alternates kept me moving.

I train with Aziz each Sunday, so I told him that after two boot camps, I wanted to work on weight training. My last training sessions were HIIT-style training. I really needed to get back on the weights. So, my wish was his command. Michelle joined me this morning and we did a push/pull combination for the upper body.

As I type this out, my arms are killing me. Guess it was a good workout. I told my dad this morning that training seems to be the only thing that makes me proud of myself. And while I have a lot of self-doubt quite often when it comes to life, it is days like today that makes me proud of what I am doing.

The first time I used the flat bench and did a bench press with a weight bar, I could barely lift it and I needed help along the way. Today, I was able to lift the bar by myself and get through 2 sets of 10 with barely little to no help. When he put on 5lbs on each side, I needed the help. Two months ago, I would not have even tried adding weight. These moments are why I work out. People may think that lifting a bar without weights on it is stupid, but to be able to do that by myself makes me see those gains.

Michelle is a good workout partner as she is motivating. Since she can do a little more weight than me, I push myself to keep up. And Aziz doesn’t let me slide, he pushes me to my limits then past it. I never thought I could bench press a 45lb bar.

Today’s workout gave me back so motivation to keep going.