A Downward Trend?


Today the scales gods were in my favor.

When I rejoined the gym the last week in August, I was around 214lbs. I told myself that this time, it will be different. And already it has. I don’t regret signing back up; I regret quitting to begin with. Ultimately, you can not look backward – only forward.

I have been averaging about 4 days a week at the gym for the past month. Actually, 4.25 days. LOL. I have been slowly bringing reps, sets, and weights back up to where I left off. Obviously, it is putting muscle back into my body. The first three weeks, I actually gained 3 pounds and shot up to 217. This morning, I stepped on the scale even though I told myself I wouldn’t and there was trumpets and fireworks sounding off in the bathroom.

213-214lb. It was definitely lower than 215. We don’t have a digital scale. So the actually weight is a mystery but it teetered that that section of the scale. I was pleased with myself.

When the shorts feel a little looser, you walk taller, and don’t feel sluggish… that makes you feel like you lost weight. I know it did for me which was why I wanted to step on the scale.

Secret? I don’t know. Breakfast is hard boiled eggs and a turkey sausage patty. Lunch has been salad with lots of yummies including cajun flavored chicken thighs. Dinner has been a variety of things. Chicken and Ocra, or Burger Sliders (no buns). This is not diet food because honestly, I love it all. I have been an eggs for breakfast kind of person for years. I can live on eggs. I don’t feel like I am missing buns on burgers. I get my meat and veggies and I am a happy person. And honestly, my wife makes some incredible salads, too.

Sustainable? Yes. Because when the wife does make a one-pot meal, we usually take left over to work which breaks up the salads.

So… in one month, I have put on three pounds, just to take off three pounds. Is my body finally regulating itself? Did I finally get rid of my vacation food contaminants out of my body? I hear it takes 30 days for the crap to come out of your body.

On August 29th, I will start the Whole30 program. I think I am almost there now; just need to clean up the rest of the processed foods like cheese and dairy but I do think I am ready. Next weigh in will be on August 29th at the start of Whole30. Let’s see if this downward trend continues.