3 Days in…


Its been 3 workouts since I visited with my trainer and I think I had my hardest workout yet.

After Sunday’s trainer day, on Monday I had leg day. It had been a while since I worked the legs. It really wasn’t a good workout but then some people will say any day workout is a good workout. I say… MEH. One of the machines did not work, it wasn’t the exercises I planned on doing but I did get 5 miles in on bike. Best day on cycling yet. So, maybe it wasn’t so bad.

Tuesday was chest day. Definitely wasn’t a good day. I only did 3 exercises because everything I wanted to do was on one set of cables and I couldn’t get to the smaller rack. A lady was using the floor in front of the cable rack and I didn’t want to be one of those people who tell her to move her weights. She had brought over all her weights out of the free weight area to where I needed to be. She could have moved them over to the floor area where there was no one. Geez. So instead of focusing on chest, I did my three exercises and moved to cycling again. 5.27 miles. A record!

Today was a good day. Back day. I did 4 back exercises pushing weights that I was at last year. This is the end of taking it easy on myself. Aziz (trainer) says I am holding back. Yup. I think I was. 40-50lbs lat pulldowns and rows. I’m doing this, dammit. Aziz taught me a new crunch using the TRX bands. I did them. He only had me do 3×10 reps on Sunday. Today I did 3×20 reps. So I upped my crunches to 60. I am going for 90 and would like to attempt to do them daily.

Its funny and maybe it is not all that funny but I think that I am happiest at the gym. I don’t think about anything else. I don’t think about work. I don’t think about the people who cause my stress. All I do is focus on myself, my body, and my well being. A lot of people talk about their happy places. Mine is at the gym lifting weights.

I read a motivational quote somewhere that was about working in silence and coming out on the other end as new person. To me that means, not necessarily bragging about what I am doing… just do it. And when I come out on the other side, people will go – WHOA, who are you?

As much as I want to do that, it would mean giving up my blog, instagram, etc… I am working towards a goal and while I don’t want to talk about this goal; I want the documentation for the future. I want my transformation documented for this future goal. So if I don’t blog and don’t talk about what I am doing, I feel that the once I reach this goal that I will have to work harder for the outcome because I don’t have this documentation. Sounds like a lot of running in circles not talking about it but in order to get there, I need my strength not the world’s negativity.

Or maybe I do talk about it because the world’s negativity will be there for others on this same or similar journey. It is no secret that I want to be a personal trainer. I have been saying this for over a year but the more I research being a trainer the more I know it is not enough. I can tell my friends what to do because I am doing it but honestly, I can’t tell them why. It’s the why I need to know. It is the science behind all of it. Exercise and the body is science. Pure and simple. It is all science. And with that, I am going to learn why.

The journey starts now. It will be a long, painful road but on the other side… I will come out and people will say WHOA, who are you?

I am dedicated to not only myself but all the future people I hope to help.