2021 and back at it…


It’s been a while since I posted on this blog. Probably for many different reasons but mostly because I really was focused on the wrong things.

I always thought that if I started something then quit, I was a failure. My entire life, I have started and stopped and started and stopped. Oddly, I never really give up. I still take photos but I don’t need to be a photographer. I still write but I don’t need to be a writer. Last year, I was training with the mind set that I was wanted to be a trainer. I need to stop doing that to myself. Life is not about always trying to be something or something. Life is about doing things you like, that make you feel good about yourself, and if you help someone in the process then that is a bonus.

I finished up my six months of training at LA Fitness and cancelled my gym membership. Mostly due to money but I told myself if I could keep up with the food portion of my life, I would be a winner. I make myself laugh.

By the end end of 2020, I was back up to 215lbs from my 205. It is now August and I am at 216lbs and in a lot of pain. A couple years ago, I fell during hiking and hurt my shoulder. I never went to the doctor for it but like everything, once it is hurt it stays hurt. This shoulder injury changed the position of my sleep and severe arthritis kicked it. The change in sleep positions has thus made other joints hurt too.

This year when I went on a road trip, I realized just how much I hurt when I don’t move. 2021 has been a hard year for me. I have been depressed, unmotivated, lost, confused, and stressed. Coming back from this trip made me think about last year and how I didn’t feel a lot of those things as well as my body not hurting as bad. What was the difference?

Working out… I stopped going to the gym. I stopped caring so much about what I put in my body. No, I didn’t totally go off the rails but I do have an extra 10 pounds to work off. One could say I quit. One could say I took a break. Remember, sometimes we have to step back in order to see the road ahead.

It is never too late to start. Or start again. Its when you never try that it becomes a problem.

I stepped my foot back in the gym for the first time in seven months. This time, I have moved my membership to Blink Fitness. With LA Fitness at $32.99 a month, it is nice to have a membership for $10.00 a month. Blink doesn’t have the classes, the basketball, racquetball, and the pool but guess what? I never used them at LA Fitness. So I am not missing out. It is a little further away from home, but after a week it has not been difficult to drive there before work.

They have most of the same equipment. Though different companies, the machines are different. Doesn’t mean one is better than the other. They are different. Ultimately, it gets the job done. I think I might be trying to do more free weights than machines in the future. But I am back. And I am not using a trainer. I know enough to make a difference and that difference has already helped move those joints and muscles.

Every day is a step in the right direction. You can only take one step at a time and we take it one day at a time. I am looking at what I put in my body right now. It am looking at what I can do to help my body move, now.